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    New Season Begins
    Saturday, June 13th on DAYSTAR NETWORK at 5:00 PM EST


    Watch Every Saturday on the Daystar APP on your Smart Phone

    Welcome to Great American Gospel and American Gospel Onstage! The Churchmen will be making their debut on the very first program of the season for Great American Gospel on Daystar, Saturday, June 13, 2015. The program will air at 5:00 PM EST and will be reaching into over 100 million potential households worldwide.

    The Churchmen will follow up the very next week appearing on the NRB Network, Saturday, June 20th on the second new show for American Gospel Onstage. That can be seen every at 6:00 PM EST and will reach into 46 million homes.

    On Saturday, June 13, 2015, the legendary Ed O'Neal and his Dixie Melody Boys will kick off the brand new season for the Great American Gospel show as well as introducing new music from their first label recording with Great American Gospel. You will see Ed and the boys perform the hit single 'Family Bible' in the debut.

    The popular show, now entering it's eighth year on national and international television and seen on over 150 networks across the world, will feature the legendary Dixie Melody Boys, Proclaimers, Lore Family, Reliance, and the highly popular soloist, Bruce Hedrick and his band. Also featured on the new program will be top Bluegrass names as the Primitives, Heavens Mountain Band, and the Churchmen.

    This brand new season of Great American Gospel and it's sister program, American Gospel Onstage hosted by Mike LeFevre, will also be the very first television programs that will advertise a National Toll Free Booking Number and Contact Email to Concert Promoters each week to help schedule concert appearances for artists appearing on both programs.

    New CD Almost Finished!!

    We started off the New Year working on a new CD to be released soon. We have completed to music and vocal tracks and we are anxiously waiting for Mark and Aaron to complete the mixing. We will have lots of new songs to feature at our concerts. We have new material from Becky Buller whom is one of our favorite composers. Carroll Arnn wrote some new songs for this release and we're proud of his contribution. As always David Guthrie contributed to the material. There are songs from lots of other talented songwriters that we are recording with for the first time, (including our own Keith Clark, who penned his first Churchmen song for the new album. There will be a bonus song that will be offered with iTunes only. From their site it will be 13 songs offered for this release and 12 that will be on the CD. We are proud to be a part of Mountain Fever records and look forward to the release of this new project.

    Current News 2015

    We are so thrilled with The Lord's blessings and the direction of the band. Our latest revision of the band has been so great and we are thankful to be together praising His Name. I want to update you all on a few things with The Churchmen - so here goes.

    I mentioned the current version of the band. As I have said many times in the past, we have been so blessed to have continuity in our band. Not a lot of changes for as long as we have traveled. Carroll Arnnhas been on board for more than 2 years and has been such a great addition to our group. Carroll plays the Banjo, Fiddle, and Guitar on stage and is a dynamic vocalist along with composing original songs that were on the Mercy Road CD as well asbringing several songs for the new CD. His songwriting ability is just another thing that makes him so great. We look for Carroll to be a long-time member of the band. David Guthrie also returned in early 2012 and is singing even better than ever. His rhythm playing, singing, and song writing is, in my opinion, second to none. He is a phenomenal musician, singer, and person. David penned 3 of the songs on the Mercy Road CD and is responsible for bringing in several of the other tunes as well. Gerald Harbour has been a rock in The Churchmen since 1989 shortly after Freddy Rakes and I gotthe band started. Gerald doesn't always get enough credit but he is a wonderful musician and singer, one of the best in the business no doubt about it. Gerald can sing any part and hasn't lost a beat of the mandolin in all of these years. Keith Clark (me)rounds out the music on stage playing the Bass and singing some lead and all harmony parts. It is a real joy to play with such great musicians with such great timing.

    Jerry Haga is on his 2nd stint with the group running the board after also coming back aboard in early 2012. He is such a great sound man and is a blessing to our band pleasing audiences with the sound and keeping the stress off all of us before, during, and after the concerts. I will follow this post with another post featuring Jerry. One last thing about the personnel in the group. All are very good Christian men, not only in word but in deeds. These guys are all involved heavily in their local churches and are great leaders and examples of Christ.

    We are so excited about the new CD and especially the songs. We have heard time and time again from Pastors and other friends that the messages in the songs that we do are really relevant, timely, and Biblically based. These songs that band members have written or chosen are not your average bluegrass songs, but have deep and thought provoking meanings in them. The Churchmen are trying to produce music that is not only enjoyable, but also soul-stirring to the listeners.

    Along the line of discussing the CD, it has been great working with Mark Hodges, Aaron Ramsey, and Mountain Fever Records. Mercy Road has been our most successful CD to date, and we look forward to the new CD release. Our friends that we meet have been so great to support our products, it has been amazing to say the least. Our airplay has been great, with XM radio leading the way with great rotation of Churchmen songs. Thanks again to Mark and Mountain Fever, our friends and fans, and all of the DJ's and radio for the support. A special thanks also to Kyle Cantrell and XM radio.

    Keith Clark - The Churchmen

    Touring for 2015

    The Churchmen had a great year in 2014, playing some great venues. It was one of the most successful years that we have had, and after 26 years of playing, we are not slowing down now! It's amazing to us that it seems more exciting with our band than it ever has been. What a blessing to still be excited about the band and spreading God's love.

    2015 has certainly started off with a bang. We made a wonderful trip through the great state of Florida, playing new places along the way. We were able to play the awesome Cabin Fever Picking Party in Virginia Beach, thanks again to Earl and Cathy Banton. We also were a part of the historic Sandy Ridge Bluegrass Show in Sandy Ridge, NC. This show has been going on since 1948 and lots of the greats in Bluegrass music have played there. We were honored to be a part of that and take our place in the history of that. Thanks again to Jay Adams and all of his hard work to put this on. His band "Rich In Tradition" are great! We received unbelievable hospitality in all of these places and we are just getting started. Last year we sold record numbers of CD's. That is such a blessing because it keeps us traveling and allows us to purchase sound equipment and things that we need to keep on singing for The Lord. We have a lot of great concerts booked this year. We are looking forward to our annual bookings, along with a lot of new things and places this year. Bookings are still coming in and if you need Bluegrass Gospel music at your event please contact us.

    PowerGrass Radio Awards

    For immediate press release:
      The Churchmen are pleased to acknowledge the following awards from PowerGrass Radio for 2014:
    • "Bluegrass Gospel Song of the Year" for World's Biggest Liar written by David Guthrie.
    • "Bluegrass Songwriter of the Year" - David Guthrie.

      Also The Churchmen were recognized with the following PowerGrass awards for 2013.
    • "Bluegrass Gospel Group of the Year"
    • "Bluegrass Gospel Album of the Year" for Mercy Road on Mountain Fever Records
    • "Bluegrass Gospel Song of the Year" for In the Twinkling of an Eye written by Becky Buller.

    We would like to thank Dave Bissell and all of the PowerGrass Radio staff for these honors. It is such a blessing to see a radio entity and website dedicate itself to the music and ministry that we love. - Bluegrass Gospel Music! Dave has been such a great supporter of The Churchmen over the years. PowerGrass Radio has a monthly top10 chart, along with a store that allows listeners to purchase products from the bands. The website features news and links to all of your favorite Bluegrass Gospel artists. The Churchmen are pleased and honored to be somewhat regulars on the monthly top 10 charts lately and are looking forward to great involvement with PowerGrass in 2015 as well. A quote from Dave when he received the CD was "Whoa! Real bluegrass Gospel ... old time, new time, anytime.Soul-stirring vocals and ultimate instrumentation. No doubt, many of these powerful songs will be chart-toppers. Bluegrass gospel at its best!"

    Thanks again Dave and www.PowerGrassRadio.com so much for being such a blessing to us all.

    SOUNDing Great with Jerry Haga

    Jerry Haga is a sound man extraordinaire. We are so blessed to have him taking care of business for the band at all of our concerts. We have been blessed to able to recently get into the digital sound reproduction world by purchasing a PreSonus digital board, and Jerry has that thing dialed in just right. Also now Jerry runs the sound with an iPad! Wow what technology has done. Jerry has also upgraded our speakers and that too has been a big help. Audiences are pleased with Jerry's great work, and we are as well, being blessed by his talents and also with his contagious personality. He is an excellent musician in his own right and plays all woodwind instruments, specializing on the Saxophone. He started playing professionally in 1970 and took on a dual roll in 1973 to become Sax player and sound technician. Jerry played full time from '73 until '77. Jerry re-dedicated his life to The Lord over 20 years ago, and now plays primarily in church and uses his talents with The Churchmen. Jerry is a great example of a Christian person, working diligently with his home church and also providing meals for church functions and feeding shut-in members on Wednesdays on a regular basis.

    Thanks Jerry and keep up the great work!

    What people are saying.......

    "The Churchmen are a fine group of entertainers, whose talents are indeed unique, whether in performance in ensemble or solo. It is always a pleasure to work with them." The Lewis Family

    "The Churchmen are a very talented group who play and sing with the kind of harmony that keeps you listening for more. I have known them since they started their group and I highly recommend them to anyone who loves good bluegrass gospel music." Russell Easter, Sr.

    "We have had the pleasure of performing with the Churchmen on several occasions, and it is always enjoyable. They have a fine group and are fine people." Doyle Lawson

    "The Churchmen are one of the fastest growing, hottest new sounds in Bluegrass Gospel Music today. We have worked with these guys a lot, and they really live what they sing. We highly recommend them to any- one for concerts." Jeff and Sheri Easter

    The Churchmen have been recognized with several honors over the years
    1. Multiple nominations for "Gospel Group of the Year" by The Society of Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America (SPBGMA) spanning 15 years!
    2. Performance at the Ryman Theater for the Bluegrass Now Fan's Choice Awards
    3. Performance at multiple International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) show cases, and the IBMA Bluegrass Fan Fest
    4. Nominated for 2 Dove Awards, Gospel Music's most prestigious award, for Bluegrass Gospel album of the Year (2005) and Bluegrass Gospel Song of the Year (2007).
    5. Churchmen song "Get Onboard" was #1 on Bluegrass Now Magazine's Gospel Truths chart and remained on the chart for 3 ½ years.

    About the Churchmen.......
    KEITH CLARK, was born in Martinsville, Virginia and was raised in Fieldale. His father taught him how to play guitar. "I can still picture how I used to sit on his knee and strum while he made the chords." Keith started playing the bass at age twelve and played the drums during high school, and he still enjoys playing. After working in some family bands, Keith gave his heart to the Lord when he was 17. Keith played with The Mill Creek Trio before being able to get back to his real love, bluegrass music, when they started their present band. "It's a real blessing to be able to adapt the kind of music that you love to share the gospel. I love how bluegrass can be so different. I love hard driving songs with a lot of banjo, and I love slow ballads with a lot of fiddle and Dobro. Bluegrass is so simple in some ways, but it can be played with so much complexity. I love acoustic music because it's so down to earth, and it's the way that music should be."

    Keith now resides in Collinsville, VA his personal goals revolve around his family and church.. "I have daughter and a wife who I love more than anything. I also love to fish and play golf and I am very active in my church. My daughter has just finished school and is a Pharmacist and my personal goals are all about her. She was an excellent student, is recently married, and I am going to do everything in my power to help and encourage her." Click Here to Email Keith

    GERALD HARBOUR was born in Stuart and raised in Woolwine, Virginia. He began showing interest in music at an early age and made his first public performance at age 5. He often would perform with his Dad throughout his childhood. In later years he would make guest appearances with his life long friends The Lewis Family. Gerald credits his parents and Little Roy Lewis for being his inspiration to pursue his musical interests. Gerald joined the Churchmen in 1989 just a few months after the formation of the group. Gerald said, "I was looking for some guys who would take the music seriously and try to constantly take it to another level". Gerald found that in Freddy and Keith and several who have passed through the band in it's existence. "It's been fun to experience the ways that the Lord has blessed us and the doors that have been opened for us along the way". Gerald currently resides with his wife Lisa and their five children in Martinsville, VA. Click Here to Email Gerald
    DAVID GUTHRIE is back for a second stint and rounds out the band singing lead and harmony vocals along with handling the guitar duties. David has written a lot of the newer Churchmen material, and his high lead and great tenor voice, along with his hard driving rock solid guitar is another great addition to The Churchmen sound. David has the rare ability to sing with great feeling along with having amazing vocal range. David has brought a renewed enthusiasm to the band and has rejuvenated us all! God continues to bless our group with great talent along with great people. David is a great Christian man, and certainly is no exception. David amazingly has been playing music only a few years, but he is no stranger to Bluegrass fans across the country. Three of these years were spent with Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road. He has also garnered 2 SPBGMA "Male Vocalist of the Year" nominations. His musical influences are The Louvin Brothers. (mainly Ira Louvin), and Bill Monroe. He lives in Parkton N.C. with his lovely wife Angela, daughters Briana and Alayna, and sons David Jr. and Eric. David says "I feel led back to the band at this exact point in my life. How the Lord has opened up doors, I know it isn't without a real purpose. I am really excited to back with the Churchmen".

    CARROLL ARNN, was born in Danville, VA and raised in Dry Fork, VA in rural Pittsylvania County. Carroll played previously with lots of great bands and musicians including Southern Freight Station, Virginia Sonrize, The Church Sisters, The Rivercity Band, and on occasion with Johnny and Jeanette Williams. Carroll is a very talented songwriter. Carroll has penned several songs that The Churchmen have recorded in the past, and he already has plans to record several more with the band. In addition to being a great song writer, Carroll is also very versatile musician and singer. He plays banjo, fiddle, and guitar on Churchmen sets and he can sing all four vocal parts.Carroll is a wonderful Christian man and exemplifies what a Gospel musician should be. He is a leader and musician at his local church.Carroll resides in Danville, VA with his lovely wife of over 30 years, Bet. She too was raised in church being a Pastor's child. She is a very talented musician as well playing the piano for the church. The couple has 2 lovely daughters, Brittany and Amanda. They also have 2 grandsons as well, Levi and Leland.

    Carroll says "God has blessed my life far beyond what I'm worthy of, and I believe He has placed me where I can best serve Him. Thanks to The Churchmen for their patience and confidence in me, and I ask all of the fans to continue to pray for our ministry. I am excited about where God is leading us".

    Carroll endorses Sullivan Banjos and plays the "Vintage 35".

    Booking and Information

    Keith Clark
    172 Ferndale Court
    Collinsville, VA 24078
    Click Here to Email The Churchmen


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